Ambient Advertising, what is it?

Our first term is dedicated to launching our own AMBIENT ad agency in small groups. I’ve been paired with two lovely girls, one has already confessed to smoking lots of doobs and the other I don’t know her name.

Our tutors waffled through numerous PowerPoint presentations on Monday and Tuesday, to be honest I was more interested in tweeting up a storm of whit about my new classmates under the table and pausing, briefly now and then to think about what I was going to get for lunch (for those of you who’re interested, I got a Burrito, and a smoothie after much deliberation).

What was I talking about?

Oh, Ambient Advertising.

Ummm. Okay, I stumbled across a few articles. I dont even want to talk about the first ad featured in this list of “cool and creative” ads

However, this second article tries to explain the the deal is a little more, and had really cool photos of the really fucking cool ads.

Like these


and this uber cool ikea ad thingy in the street


I dont have uni again until friday, thank fuck, i’m so tired I feel like a newborn. Hopefully I can figure out what Ambient advertising is and come up with some groovy ideas for my little agency with my mate Howard Marks and our unnamed european lady friend.


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